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One of the most economical ways of making prototypes is by vacuum casting. This is one of the rapid prototyping processes that deals mainly with plastic prototypes. Through vacuum casting, you can create duplicates using a silicon mold.

So what is vacuum casting, and how can it benefit your company? Based on the name, this casting process entails using a vacuum to draw the liquid material to the mold. To successfully manufacture a product using the vacuum process requires the following:

- A master model
- cure process
- Filling the resin
- Final cured process

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Are there benefits of using the vacuum casting method on duplicating products? For example, when silicon is used as the mold when creating products, it pays attention to the details. Therefore, the final product looks the same as the original one.

Products made using this process are of high quality. Furthermore, you are provided with various options when choosing the material to be used as the resin. This greatly influences the appearance of the final product. Lastly, the use of the vacuum casting process lowers production costs. Silicone is readily available when compared to other products like aluminium.

We offer Vacuum Casting Services Using our State-of-the-art Technology:

Whether you require prototypes or small batch production, we provide you with the best RM Casting or Rapid prototyping service. Our Vacuum Casting process is perfect for small series of functional parts or visual models with complex geometry. We use high-quality silicone molds to produce parts with high accuracy and detail, making them ideal for testing or exhibition purposes. Our team is experienced in providing cost-efficient, professional-grade vacuum casting services that meet your requirements and specifications. We are dedicated to creating optimal vacuum cast parts while minimizing production costs and lead times. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you.

Vacuum Casting Services - Dedicated Process for Making High-Fidelity Copies:

In vacuum casting, elastomers use a vacuum to draw the liquid material into the mold. The vacuum casting services procedure starts by employing a two-piece silicone mold in a vacuum chamber. The raw material is blended, and gas is removed before pouring it into the mold. The vacuum is then unconfined, and the mold is removed from the chamber. Lastly, the casting is cured in an oven, and the mold is removed to release the finished casting. The mold can be reused numerous times.
Vacuum casting is a steadfast technique for making the best copies of principal designs using cost-effective molds and pourable casting material. Duplicates demonstrate the same quality as plastic injection molded parts while taking only a portion of the time and expense to produce. Quality shouldn’t have to come at the cost of speed and vice versa. Manufacturers often combine their extensive experience with the industry’s modern tools and machinery to deliver high-quality vacuum casting services on short timelines

Benefits of Vacuum Casting:

It is a low cost for molds and can be manufactured in just a few days. Many types of polyurethane resins are obtainable for casting. Cast copies are exact with desired surface texture. Vacuum casting is perfect for engineering models, samples, and rapid prototypes for large production.

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