• Why Choose RM MOLD?

    RM Mold offers a massive range of manufacturing services including CNC machining/turning, 3D printing, vacuum casting, Sheet metal fabrication, injection molding and die casting etc. With years’ experience serving clients over the globe, our team know how to help optimize your design, and can offer our design tips to reduce cost to satisfy clients’ unique needs if there is one. We always take Qual…
  • Design Tips on reducing unit price of CNC machining

    The basic price calculation formula for CNC machining would be “Material cost + machining cost + finishing cost + inspection cost+ Packaging cost”. Sometimes inspection cost is included in machining cost by default. You might not see inspection costs until you ask for a CMM report or a 3D scanning report for all sizes of a certain quantity. If you don’t require pallets, Poly-wooden boxes, or compl…
  • Several Tips on saving injection molding cost

    I prefer to know the intention of the design before getting the client a free quote, which structures are necessary and critical, which are not. It helps us finish a cost-effective quote for the client. Here are several tips on saving injection molding costs.…
  • RM Mold is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

    RM Mold is ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified…

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