Custom CNC Precision Machining and Turning Services/

Custom CNC Plastic Parts

High Speed

Accurate Dimension

Good For One piece or volume production

A Variety of Finishes Available

Part size up to 1.2m*1m*0.8m

Wide Material Selection

(ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, POM, PA, PEEK, PEI, PAI, PA66-GF30,PPS, PE, Bakelite, PVC, PU foam, Chemical wood etc.)

  • Product Detail

Can be painted/polished/sandblasted/overmoulded/Vacuum metallized/Silk screen printed.

Tolerances according to ISO2768-1 (F for metals, M for plastic)

Custom CNC Plastic Parts Procedure uses Pre-Designing in Digital Way

There are innumerable ways to process plastic into whatsoever product you need, and each technique has its reimbursements. Custom CNC plastic parts machining is a prevailing tool for the right products and can be prodigious for anyone who needs to produce plastic parts rapidly and proficiently. Plastic machining works with a solid piece of plastic, typically like a brick, that you place into a machine.

The process uses the whole brick to make one solid part or plastic product inside the machine. This dense and flexible material is great as the products are resilient to weathering and chemicals and are very accurate. When the plastic brick is put inside the machine, it uses many subtractive processes to create the product. The device removes the plastic from the brick to make the product. The three methods to achieve this in Custom CNC plastic parts machinery are turning, milling, and drilling.

Each of these is valuable for plastic products and designs; however, choosing the best for your product might be better left in the hands of a Custom CNC plastic parts machining services provider. An essential part of the design course for CNC plastic machining and how it works is digital design. The precision of this procedure comes from pre-designing the products using digital designs.

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